Expert Jewelry Repair

Craftsmanship Defined

Anything of value deserves to be cared for.

Priceless and irreplaceable

Jewelry requires a specific type of care and maintenance to ensure that your favorite pieces stay looking and feeling perfect forever. At Snow Owl Designs, any piece of jewelry that comes through our doors (if you purchased it here or not) receives a complimentary cleaning and inspection upon request.

We will inspect your jewelry on a number of points that include:

  • Missing or Loose Stones

  • Chipped or Damaged Stones

  • Worn Shanks (lower ring loop)

  • Clasp Function

  • 'Tipping' Wear on Gemstone Prongs

  • Broken Chain Links

  • Cracked or Damaged Metal

  • General Condition

If we find any areas of concern we will educate you on the cause and if it needs to be addressed immediately to prevent catastrophic failure, or if it's something that doesn't need to be addressed now but could be a potential issue in the future.

Some materials require very special care as not every material can be cleaned or polished through conventional methods. Our experienced and careful designers and goldsmiths know how to safely work on a huge variety of gemstones and materials.

We also do custom alterations, ring sizing, metal and gemstone polishing, and virtually anything else you might require in the care of your valuable items. All work is expertly done in our in-house studio.

Appraisals are also available for insurance or estate valuation purposes. We are happy to explain the difference between fair-market and replacement value and educate you on what type of appraisal is right for you.