Who We Are

Our Staff

We welcome you to Snow Owl Designs. Here you will find a small but dedicated group of passionate designers and goldsmiths. We can't wait to meet and find out what we can craft for you.


Sierra Noble


Sierra Noble always wanted to create. She began making her own jewelry and beadwork when she was just 8 years old, traveling with her mother to gem shows and gaining an interest in geology from an early age.

In high school she took classes in metal smithing and extended her education at OCAC with a degree in Jewelry Design in 2005. She did private work locally before approaching Snow Owl Designs later that year.

What she finds especially enjoyable about the process of jewelry making is being able to 'play with the Earth' and the beautiful and varied materials it provides in order to create something that has a personal connection. Additionally, being able to repair something of high sentimental value for her clients carries the most emotional gratification for her.

Currently, she is busy studying for her Gemological Institute of America certification, but still finds time to spend with her two cats and friends and family,  gifting them with her latest from-scratch creations from her kitchen.


Candace Derrick


Candace Derrick began her jewelry designing and goldsmithing education at Portland Community College in the 18 month program developed by Rick Martin. While the course was taught by a former student of his, Rick Martin did the photography for her portfolio and was impressed with her design work early on.

After graduation, she worked for Nagalle Designs in Wilsonville setting gemstones and polishing designs as well as casting large pieces in various precious metals. She went on to do design and goldsmithing for Goldworks before she was contacted by Rick Martin who needed someone to join him at Snow Owl Designs, favorably remembering her and her work from college. That was over 18 years ago.

Candace enjoys virtually everything about creating and maintaining jewelry, from a simple cleaning to crafting a custom piece selected from the huge variety of gemstones and materials available. As it's also unusual for a studio to be directly attached to a showroom, she enjoys the one-on-one interaction in developing a customer's ideas to make something very meaningful and sentimental related to the happiest occasions in their lives.

Away from work, Candace enjoys keeping busy as the proud mother of 3 children, as well as 3 cats and 3 dogs.